Blood drive

Blood drive

Corporate blood donation by the staff of Preveza Marina and Cleopatra Marina

Due to the growing needs of blood supply at these crucial times that Greece and the world are facing and by remaining true to Preveza Marina’s values and philosophy of supporting the community and people in need, the management and staff of Cleopatra Marina and Preveza Marina have recently founded a Voluntary Blood Donor Association, as part of the group’s continuing CSR actions and initiatives.


In collaboration with the specialized blood donation department of Preveza’s General Hospital and after carefully taking and following all necessary preventive and safety measures, the first voluntary blood donation took place on Monday 30/03/2020 and Wednesday 01/04/2020 and we are happy to report that we had a great volunteer participation from both companies.


The management wishes to thank all volunteer donors as well as the medical and healthcare staff from the General Hospital of Preveza who either participated or assisted us in this charitable action.


Finally, for anyone who wishes to participate in this LIFE DONATION, we are planning many more similar actions in the future, in close collaboration with the General Hospital of Preveza.