WC/Showers and Laundry Room Access

WC/Showers and Laundry Room Access

Update about controlled access to all WC/Shower facilities

We would like to inform you that from Monday 1st of February, access to the WC/showers, in all three WC/showers areas, and laundry room of the marina will be possible only with the use of access cards.

You can get you access cards, as a client/guest of Preveza Marina only, from our reception under the following policies:

  • 4 access cards maximum per vessel
  • 5€ deposit per card, which is returned to you when you return the card before your departure
  • access cards are valid for the time period of your reservation
  • access to showers is divided as follows:
    - Piers B & C: WC/shower building at the beginning of pier B (ΟΤ 5)
    - Piers D, E & F: WC/shower central building (ΟΤ 3)
    - Piers G, H & I: WC/shower facility behind the restaurant, entrance next to the playing ground (ΟΤ 1)

Thank you for your understanding and you can contact our Reception for any relevant information.
The Preveza Marina Team