COVID-19 measures update

COVID-19 measures update

Update for extension of COVID-10 measures and restrictions in Greece

Dear guests & friends,

We would like to inform you that the current national lockdown has been extended until the 14th of December.

We will keep you posted for any changes from then on.
Until then please follow all related measures and restrictions.

The Preveza Marina team.

Measures against the dispersion of COVID-19


General rules nationwide*
  1. Mandatory use of mask everywhere.
  2. 24-hour curfew (movements for specific reasons only, by SMS to 13033).
  3. Prohibition of moving between regional units.
  4. Working with the least possible staff (alternately, telework) in the private and public sector.
  5. Suspension of gatherings, public and social events, live shows, cinemas, etc.
  6. Operation of public transportation with a maximum occupancy pf 65%
  7. Distance learning in Secondary Schools and Higher Education Institutes, cimpliance with specific rules in the other institutes.
  8. Suspension of visitation in all social welfare institutions.
  9. Suspension of the operation of eatery establishments, except takeaway and delivery services.
  10. Grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, car repair shops and banks remain open


Measures concerning marine connections and vessels**
  1. Prohibition of movement of any type of ship or vessel for passenger transportation, with specific exceptions (health reasons, provision of assistance). Excluded from the prohibition are ferry connections within the territory. with 50% occupancy . or 55% of the ships have cabins.
  2. Prohibition of the arrival of private pleasure boats, commercial tourist ships and cruise ships, regardless of flag, coming from any geographical destination abroad.
  3. Temporary restriction of marine connection with Turkey and Albania. The ban does not include the carriage of merchandise by ship.

*More information at the official EODY website ( and at

**Constant updates about the legistation can be found at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs website ( or at the G.M.A. website (